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Ausnat Fruits

Gift Packs of Australian Dried Fruit Confectionery, Condiments & Spreads

It's hard to improve on perfection, but that's exactly what Anne Battams' Ausnat Fruits has done. Using produce harvested from South Australia's fruit bowl, The Riverland, Ausnats Fruits delivers a range of uniquely Australian fruit-based treats.

Plump apricots brandied in coffee-like native wattleseed, richly scented dried orange dipped in fine chocolate, and luscious prunes in port - is your mouth watering yet? Only top quality fresh fruit, preferably grown in the Riverland, but certainly all Australian, is the essential ingredient of the Ausnat Fruit range. In addition, Ausnat Fruits is Food Safe and HACCP Accredited. HACCP Australian Food Safety Accreditation provides a recognised endorsement of food safety excellence.