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Natural & Nutritious Freeze-Dried Fruit

Absolutefruitz offers you a range of healthy, guilt-free snacks made from the finest fresh fruits. They are known for their pride and care in their growing and processing procedures, ­giving you confidence that you are receiving the full benefit of the super nutrients contained within each pack.

Enjoy a selection from their Dried SuperBerry, Infused Dried Fruits and Freeze Dried Fruits ranges including mango, strawberries, incaberries, goji berries and kiwi fruit.  All Absolutefruitz products are gluten and fat free, with no preservatives, no sulphur dioxides and no added colours.

They are natural, delicious and not only an ideal snack for lunchboxes or for those of you on the run, they're also a great addition to your favourite cereal mixes, baked deserts and even your salads. Enjoy your favourite fruits all year round.

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