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Pasta Riviera

All Natural Australian Artisan Pasta

Like the best artisan producers back in Italy, Pasta Riviera uses timeworn techniques, combined with the finest all natural Australian ingredients to bring you this range of dry gourmet pastas.

Because the key to sensational pasta is simply the best quality ingredients and skilled artisanal production, Pasta Riviera uses quality Australian durum wheat flour, pasteurised fresh farm eggs and fresh herbs and vegetables to create everything from egg linguine to herb and garlic fettuccine, and even a marvellous gluten-free range.

Made in the traditional Italian way for unsurpassed quality, all pastas are shaped using bronze draw plates, which creates an exceptional texture to hold onto sauces and create a wonderful elasticity and volume when cooked, unlike the plastic dies many large companies use to make quantity not quality. Pasta Riviera also knows the best pastas are air-dried over several days, rather than machine dried, to keep gluten intact - essential for preventing pasta turning mushy and limp when cooked.

Creating gourmet pasta since 1994, this Australian-owned producer has earned a reputation as being innovative and quality driven, providing beautiful pasta for the home cook and restaurant chefs alike. Try the egg spirals with a flavourful basil pesto, the cracked pepper fettuccine with a creamy alfredo sauce or the squid ink linguine with lashings of a robust and fruity olive oil-based sauce.

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