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The Simply Fine Food Company

All-Natural Lavoche Crispbread

The Simply Fine Food Company arose from humble beginnings with founders, Damon and Paula Kloots, undertaking production in their northern New South Wales home kitchen back in 2000. Lavoche Crispbread, traditionally served in the Middle East, was the first product to be developed and it quickly received a loyal fan base at weekly stalls throughout northern New South Wales and South East Queensland. Ten years on, production is in full swing and its award-winning Lavoche Crispbread is distributed across Australia.

By placing a focus on premium quality products created from regional produce – natural and organic wherever possible – The Simply Fine Food Company has slowly expanded its range to include several versions of their original Lavoche including a gluten-free crispbread range and flavoursome condiments.

Each product in the range is innovative, fresh, versatile and convenient, and best of all, is developed to be a stand-out with whatever and wherever it is served.