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Vintage Teas

Rejuvenating & Heart-Warming Natural Teas

Vintage Teas are a Queensland owned and operated family company. Tea is what they do best, so it’s no wonder they take it so seriously. Their teas encompass the finest tastes and textures, using state of the art equipment to create full-bodied aromatic blends.

The Black Tea range is dark and strong while the Green Tea selection gives you a refreshing taste that is both bright and healthy. Rich in antioxidants, this vibrant selection gives you an energy boost with each sip. The Ozone Tea Tins are a new range of loose pure Ceylon Tea representing the best regional growing areas in Sri Lanka which is the only country qualified to use the ‘ozone friendly’ logo.

It's not only the tea that acquires their special attention, Vintage Teas packaging combines the technicalities of science and expert knowledge of tea to create tea-specific packaging of the future.

Choose from Vintage Teas robust collection of flavours, perfected to stimulate your taste buds and revitalise your mind with each sip.